Karthik Murugesan Posted on July 28th, 2013

This is the second part of How to quickly build a Survey in SharePoint 2013.

In the last post we saw how to set-up a Survey and set-up questions. In this post we will go through the following.

  • Make respondents see only their own response
  • Set permission so the entire company can respond to the survey
  • Allow only one response per employee
  • Export all responses as the Survey administrator

Make respondents see only their own response

Navigate to the Employee Survey you created in the last post.

Click on Settings and Select Survey Settings


In the next screen click on Advanced Settings


In the next screen the first section in “Item-Level Permissions”. On the right hand side you can change access level for users so they can see only their own response. This only prevents users with “Contribute” access from seeing responses submitted by others. As a site owner (anyone) with Full Control access can see every response submitted.


Set permission so the entire company can respond to the survey

As you know every SharePoint content inherits permission from it’s parent site. If your target audience does not have at least “Contribute” access, you have to perform following steps to give “Contribute” access just for the Survey while keeping the permission for the rest of the site intact.

Go back to Survey -> Survey Settings page and click on “Permission Settings”. On the ribbon choose “Stop Inheriting Permissions”. Click OK.


At this point you will see new options to grant unique permission for the Employee Survey List. Note that you are only changing the permission for the Survey and not the entire site. Click “Grant Permission” and type “Everyone” and choose from the the built-in group “Everyone” from the list. Since our use case is to send the Survey and get feedback from the entire company we choose the built in group “Everyone”. If you want to target a specific group you can always create a different SharePoint group and add just a list of users and use that custom group in this step.

You can also use use Outlook Distribution List. If you know a Distribution List exists in Outlook and if you don’t see it SharePoint when you search for it then you have to contact your IT admin and request them to mark the Outlook Distribution list as “Security Group” in Active Directory.


A common mistake site owners make here is to remove everyone from the permission list before adding the new target audience. By doing so they remove their own permission for the Survey List. If this happens you just lost ownership of your Survey List even though you are the owner of the parent site. At this point unless you are a Site Collection administrator you might have to contact your IT admins to get your access back.

Export all responses as the Survey administrator

After the survey is complete you can go to the Survey page and click on “Actions” and choose “Export to Spreadsheet” to get all the survey responses.


Allow only one response per employee

Under Survey Settings click on “List name, description and navigation” and scroll down to “Survey Options”


Here you can control if users are allowed to respond more than once to this Survey.

In addition you can use “Show user names in survey results” option to just “mask” the usernames of the respondents. You can use this option if you want everyone to be see all the responses but not see who posted the response.

Please don’t try to leverage this feature for Anonymous Surveys. You are only masking the usernames of the respondents but SharePoint is still collecting the respondent information and site owners still can see who responded and turn off the masking anytime. If your company data policy require truly anonymous survey this is not the option.



Ed November 26, 2013


I need to be able to only display the question to the users without them having to push a button to take the survey ? So when they come to our home page they will see the question for the Poll (survey) in a webpart zone on the page.




Iqbal December 9, 2013

though i select the option “Show user names in survey results? ” to YES
i do not see any username in the excel sheet?
but when i select NO, asterisk is being populated in the column Created by in the excel sheet
do you have any idea about why it is so?



Matthew Carter December 12, 2013

Do you know if there is a way to expose the question so people click Yes or NO?
Survey Question:
Do you like this site?
Users just click Yes or No, without having to have to click Respond To This Survey.
This could be a quick survey on the right panel or left, something quick, easy, etc.
You can then, maybe more complex, show the results, maybe with connection or related, don’t know, option to have them see the results! 100% say Yes, etc.



Zion Hill February 7, 2014

How could you set permissions so that a supervisor could see only surveys created by his group?

Would you have to create a group for each supervisor and tie that in somehow?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer this.



Lynn February 28, 2014

I would like to echo Mathhew & Ed on the display question. I want to display my quick poll questions right on the page alongside the content section so that a user can give immediate feedback without the extra click to open a survey.

Is that a quick thing that I’m overlooking?



nanz March 4, 2014

I have multiple questions in my survey.If the user responded to only one of the questions(not all),the next time the user clicks ‘Respond to this survey’ it is not allowing the user to respond.My requirement is i should have only one survey list in which i can add multiple questions on time basis and allows the user to respond whenever the question is added.How to achieve this?



Sujit May 2, 2014

Dear Karthik,
When “Allow multiple responses” option is set to “no”, user is able to respond only once. but when the user is clicking on the link for the second time its being redirected to standard error screen. Is there any way to give an custom message saying “You have already responded to this Survey”.



Pavan May 6, 2014

Hi, I have question. When we create a survey and allow multiple answers for a question, the results are displayed in the form of A; B

lets assume a user selects A and B for a question and when i view results it shows as A-0 B-0 and A; B -1.
Can it be done like A-1 B-1.
Sorry for my language.



hina September 23, 2014

How do I add a thank you for completeing the survey message at the end of the survey.



Edwin October 7, 2014

hi guys

so I made a lovely survey.
but the questions and layout look so ‘untidy’…

it doesn’t number them
line spacing sucks

I am using SharePoint 2013 Foundation – what can I do to pretty things up?



Rakesh September 30, 2015

To see only question on the startup screen type newform.aspx in place of overview.aspx




allslotmachines.eu October 20, 2015

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Katy March 1, 2016

Thank you for sharing this!



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